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The output of the Rothbury Spiral is derived from a total length of 95 metres of 10 mm copper
heating tube on a 3m x 3m aluminium collector plate. The long length of heating tube maximises the hot water output even in low solar radiation conditions, and the small tube diameter gives a rapid reaction to changing conditions so that even on a partly cloudy day the panel will rapidly warm up and produce hot water whenever the clouds clear even in low ambient temperatures or freezing conditions.

The spiral design (registered design no. 001598483) allows the heating fluid to flow easier, giving better heat transfer to the fluid as well as reducing back pressure and the circulating pump power requirement.

The 3 mm UV-protected polycarbonate glazing has a light transmission rating in excess of 87% (3mm glass is 90%) and has an impact resistance about 200 times better than 3 mm glass. The glazing is guaranteed by the manufacturer, Bayer, for 10 years (subject to manufacturer’s conditions).  The glazed aperture is under the maximum size for erection without UK planning permission (subject to local variations  -  check with your local council planning dept).

The wood frame is made from treated decking timber and can be stained in the same way as garden decking. We fit a plastic protective cover over the frame to prevent transport damage, and this plastic can prolong frame life by being retained until degradation becomes unsightly, or it can be removed immediately on installation to improve appearance. Replacement frames can be supplied separately.

We supply the Rothbury Spiral complete with 15mm isolation valves on both flow and return connections, and also with two LM335Z sensors wired ready to connect to your controller. We can advise on a suitable controller.

A ground support frame can be supplied, and this can be altered to suit uneven ground or sloping sites so that the panel has the optimum elevation and direction for your latitude. It can be mounted against a wall, but the lower outer edge should be kept at least 1200 mm or 4 ft away from the wall and it should be secured by ground anchors ore wall bolts.

The Rothbury Spiral weighs about 150 kgs (3 cwt.), and
although designed primarily for ground mounting, it can also

be mounted on a single storey building. Higher buildings will

require craneage for installation..

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