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Background advice

The Rothbury Spiral has been designed for ground mounted self-installation with easy plumbing and control connections. We advise installers to keep their system simple as a simple system is usually cheapest and more reliable.  The advantage of a big panel comes in spring and autumn when the size helps to maximise annual hot water production at a time when solar radiation is frequently below the optimum level. The 3m x 3m panel weighs about 150 kgs or 17 kgs per sq. m. which is below the average weight  compared to more traditional panels.

It will not be possible to get all your hot water from solar radiation and some of the time you will have to put fossil energy into your hot water supply by, for example, an immersion heater. The Rothbury Spiral will help to  maximise solar input and minimise fossil input. A well designed integrated system  will produce enough hot water to avoid firing an oil boiler except for central heating, and when your central heating is switched on then you will get hot water as a by-product.

The spiral coil will not drain back, and a circulating

pump will be needed. A simple electronic control

circuit can be used to switch the pump and we can

advise here if required. We fit two LM335Z sensors
to the panel pre-wired and suitable for connection to

most electronic controllers.

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